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hype Wallflower on Lookbook.nu

Sponsors: necklace from Emblaze Manila, skirt from Cruella & Co


floral bustier and shoes bought online

I might as well post this now; better late than never. This outfit is what I wore to Cotton On’s VIP launch last September at SM Mall of Asia. The bustier’s right side bone sticks out awkwardly at times (case in point: photo #4) but I love the floral print too much to give it away.

The rest of my months passed in a blur, I’m not posting as much as before even in my other accounts. But since it’s Christmas break I’m gonna try to get my blog back on track. I generally feel elated during these -ber months, not just because it’s the holiday season but because of several occasions such as my boyfriend’s twentieth birthday last September, mine on December 23 and our anniversary (fifth! hee) last November 14.

I still can’t believe I’m a few days shy of turning twenty. I’m certainly not one of the most mature and responsible people in my age group but I’ll try to be one. Gotta include that in my New Year’s resolutions along with a new hair color.

My heart goes out to the Connecticut school shooting and typhoon Pablo victims and their families.

photos by Monique Tendencia | hype Wallflower on Lookbook.nu

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Once in a Blue Moon

hype Once in a Blue Moon on Lookbook.nu

Necklace sponsored by Ministry of Retail

Three weeks of absence! I only blog once in a blue moon… I tried not to (last month), but pre-finals schoolwork is enough to get my schedule all haywire because I suck at time management and I bask in the everyday moments of mindless munching and clicking.

This outfit is what I wore to a photo shoot for Nestle Crunch Ice Cream last August 5. The bloggers they chose for the online campaign were required to wear blue since it’s the brand’s color. I wasn’t too happy when I read that part (although, I was generally happy and thrilled. Hello? It’s for Nestle; a big brand + I get free ice cream! What ice cream/Crunch chocolate loving girl wouldn’t like that?) since blue is a color that I rarely wear and personally don’t favor in clothing (denim material, shoes and bags are excluded).

Mint scallop top, no brand, Floral blazer, thrift store, Bangles, gift from a reader (Camille Q.)

I look ugly in blue specifically, royal blue. It makes my complexion appear dull and the color wears me (is this term even applicable to colors? haha) and not the other way around. Navy blue and mint blue are the only shades of blue that I like and unfortunately it’s not the shade of Nestle. But being the badass that I am (insert meme here) I overlooked that fact and convinced myself, while picking out what to wear the night before, that they didn’t exactly say which shade of blue anyway.

I don’t have copies of my photos yet since I wasn’t able to attend the launch but they’ll post it on Facebook soon. Honestly, I was surprised fashion bloggers were part of the campaign since it’s for a food brand; food bloggers are expected. Perhaps they kept variety in mind… anyhow, it was a fun experience.

peplum shorts, sunglasses, and shoes, bought online

Speaking of food bloggers, I remember this one time when a food blogger I met during an event asked me, out of curiosity, if being a fashion or personal style blogger puts a strain on the budget. She had the impression that style bloggers shop for new clothes for each new post. I told her it’s the opposite, we blog because we shop, not the other way around. I think it’s ridiculous to buy something (whether it be clothes, make-up, gadgets or food) mainly for the purpose of blogging about it. Sadly, I know a handful of bloggers who do this. Maybe I’m just nitpicking but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks it’s silly. Thoughts? :)

photos by Monique Tendencia | hype Once in a Blue Moon on Lookbook.nu

(Source: hurricanekitty)

The Secret Garden

hype The Secret Garden on Lookbook.nu

I received the invitation to Benchingko Films premiere night two days before the event and the dress code was “red carpet ready” very intimidating. I was quite unprepared; I had no time to shop due to my classes and errands for the week.

Fortunately while I was rummaging through my closet, I spotted this lovely dress sent to me by Ministry of Retail. I put my hair up and paired the dress with conservative pieces: black heels, black purse and accessories in the same color. I figured that the back detail, which I fell in love with, is enough to do the talking since it appears so striking in such a prim and proper looking attire.

I decided to name this look “The Secret Garden” because of the braided circle appliqués (that resemble roses) lining the neckline all the way to the back (which is where the “secret” begins… chos!).

Dress sponsored by Ministry of Retail

Actually, this is the third time that I named a look in my Lookbook after a book (tongue twister! haha). I read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett when I was younger. I didn’t like it as much as I liked the author’s other novel, A Little Princess (commonly known as “Princess Sara” here in the PH).

Purse, thrifted, accessories, no brand

I enjoyed watching the tagalized anime version and also the local movie adaptation back in the 90’s, featuring Camille Pratts as Sara and Angelica Panganiban as Becky. So imagine my delight later on when I found out that these shows were derived from a novel. It’s a bit embarrassing though because I only got the chance to read it when I was already in high school… pretty late considering that it’s a book for children.

Shoes, University Mall

I hope I don’t seem pretentious for naming some of my outfits with book titles. A look’s name is required in the website and sometimes I run out of ideas so I use book titles, song lyrics and even names of food (how creative -_-).

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype The Secret Garden on Lookbook.nu

(Source: hurricanekitty)

Hurricane Kitty x Clothepedia

Here’s my favorite outfit from the paid collaboration I recently did with online clothing line, Clothepedia. I styled and modeled for their third and fourth collection. The former one is edgy while the latter is corporate chic which shows how the brand faithfully sticks to its flexible identity.

The set-up was easy since Moe and I just took photos as we normally do for my outfit posts except this time, I had to change outfits seven times (whew!). Unfortunately, it started raining midway through the photo shoot so we had to relocate to a roofed area (still inside CSB). We actually managed to finish eight sets in less than two hours despite the uncooperative weather. After the shoot, I headed to class and Moe hurried to get to her Maybelline shoot on time. I’m still surprised we managed to pull it off! :)

Model & styling: me
Clothes by: Clothepedia
Photography: Moe Tendencia

CLOTHEPEDIA offers a variety of designs that caters to every teenager and young adult’s tastes. From a classic to edgy look or brand new to vintage. The clothing line is owned by 20 year old Jenica Magalong, commonly known as “Ica”, a Marketing Management alumna from Adamson University. The brand assures that every item is in its best value. It aspires in bringing the best look a girl could ever have through its unique designs. Clothepedia is not your ordinary online shop. It lets ladies define their own style.

visit www.facebook.com/officialclothepedia for more details

(Source: hurricanekitty)

Norwegian Wood

I wore this schoolgirl inspired outfit to Uniqlo’s Cast Announcement party last May.

hype Norwegian Wood on Lookbook.nu

I love my Suy crossbody satchel! Suy Bags recently opened their first physical store at Ground Floor, SM Marikina. Visit them if you have the time. :)

sponsors: skirt from The Luxurious Shop, bag from Suy Bags

Top and shoes, bought online

My personal life has been pretty eventful lately and whenever that happens, blogging always takes a backseat. They say if you really love something you’ll make time for it. That’s why I will never abandon this blog even if I’m not posting regularly. Although, it seems like I already am… since this is only my fourth post this month. :( Anyway, I’m looking forward to the four highlights in my calendar. First is my shoot for Playboy Magazine this Saturday.

Haha! Caught you off-guard there didn’t I? Nope, I’m not modeling (I will only be Playboy material when they start featuring girls with prepubescent bodies… and that’s absolutely illegal lol), I’m styling for a photo shoot. Second is the first ever Tumblr Fair on August 4 at San Juan Gym where I’ll be selling my preloved items. Please visit my booth especially if your shoe size is 5 to 6 and you wear small-medium clothing. Third, is a styling gig for a pre-debut shoot and guess what, my client is also a reader of this blog! And the last is… still a secret because things aren’t finalized yet. My fault really, I didn’t respond immediately but here’s a clue: local teen clothing line. :)

So that’s it! Wish me luck. ♥

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype Norwegian Wood on Lookbook.nu

Philippine Fashion Week: Bench x Michael Cinco

In celebration of its 25 years in the retail industry, Bench collaborated with top designers, Michael Cinco and Rajo Laurel for a back to back show during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 season. Last May 27, I had the pleasure of attending that show all thanks to Bench. :)

Jasmine Maierhofer opens the show
Michael Cinco showcased a beautiful collection of gowns with intricate beading and embellishments. The show was remarkable and enchanting. The gowns were elegant and regal. It may be the last show of the season but it certainly wasn’t the least talked about.

Dominique Reighard & Allison Harvard
The two finalists from America’s Next Top Model, Dominique Reighard and Impalpable muse, Allison Harvard graced the runway. Michael Cinco created ANTM All-Stars’ finale dresses and with that opportunity, he would have made a big mistake if he didn’t think of asking the girls to strut the runway of PFW.

I must admit, I got somewhat starstruck when I saw Allison. I’m not a fan of hers and I rarely watch ANTM but when I saw her in the flesh I just couldn’t help but stare. It’s like I only used to see you in this glowing box at home and now you’re in front of me!! And all those gorgeous gowns that made me wanna wear them for the rest of my life (if I could) didn’t help at all.

Bench underwear-clad men… teehee
This is the only show I watched last PFW due to conflicting schedules and nonexistence of invites with good time slots. Sadly, I wasn’t able to stick around for Rajo Laurel’s show since it was getting late and I needed to go home early. I’m definitely looking forward to the next Philippine Fashion Week.

Here are a few photos with my lovely seatmates. :) with Moe and Adly

guess whose pairs of shoes these are

me, Kat and Melissa

opted to wear a no-brainer outfit

photos by Moe Tendencia

(Source: hurricanekitty)

Independence Day

hype Independence Day on Lookbook.nu

sponsors: bag from Shoppe Unli, shorts from Sam’s Station, top & ring from Stylista Inc.

this ring reminds me of Sailormoon and Akazukin Chacha haha!

yellow flats, University Mall

Commemorating Independence day in my own little way by wearing our flag’s colors.

Last June 12 was also my little sister’s 13th birthday. She’s a high school student now! And yes, I’m saying this in disbelief. She used to be so tiny and I can’t believe her age now is just a stone’s throw away from the age I had my first boyfriend. I was only fourteen and Kev was fifteen when we started our relationship. Now I understand why my dad reacted that way when he found out; I was so young and immature! It’s really a surprise that we’re still together and what a cute coincidence that I’m writing this post now since it was our 55th month last Thursday. Even though we only celebrate anniversaries now, I still keep track and greet him. Wish us more monthsaries to come? :)

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype Independence Day on Lookbook.nu

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hype Scallop on Lookbook.nu

sponsors: contact lens from Uniqso, top from Silay, necklace from Fashion Trends Collection

scallop skirt bought online, purple shoes from University Mall

I opted to wear something colorful and yuppie looking to the press launch of Joe Jonas for Bench a few weeks ago. I love the scallop detail of my orange skirt, it looks so girly and it reminds me of the way I used to draw skirts and dresses as a child, they always have scallop hems haha! I also adore the colors in this outfit! When I was picking out what accessories to wear, I never thought the pink and mint blue tassel necklace would go so well with my ensemble since I’m quite a prude when it comes to color selection; I tend to stick to the basics. The shoes was a last minute choice, I bought the pair before we went to the venue. I hope you like this outfit as much as I do. What do you think? :)

edit: received a message from one of my readers about the contact lens I’m wearing here. It’s not the contacts, it’s me. I’m still not used to dolly lenses with bigger diameter so my eyes were twitchy when we took these photos. :( But I’ll probably get used to wearing the lovely pair Uniqso sent me… more about this on my review! :)

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype Scallop on Lookbook.nu

Uniqlo Cast Announcement Party

Last May 16, I attended Uniqlo’s Cast Announcement Party at Intercontinental Hotel. Here are a few photos before the press launch started.

during registration, the venue was jam-packed with press people and bloggers

Dana, Tina, Gian & Adly, I invited these lovely girls. The more the merrier! :)

with Raiza, our outfits have the same school girl vibe

And now it’s starting! Can you guess who the four endorsers are?

Chris Tiu is a true sports figure, an inspiration for education (with two college degrees), he hosts, does commercial modeling and product endorsements, and also has his own business-all these while projecting a wholesome image.

After singing the TV ad jingle of a popular softdrinks brand, there was no stopping Nikki Gil from conquering local showbusiness. She loves hosting, singing, acting in movies and now even in theater. She is also a staunch protector of the environment and a popular product endorser just like Chris Tiu.

Funny and witty, Chito Miranda is a singer-songwriter, the main man of Parokya ni Edgar, a funk rock/alternative group that made ripples in the early 90s music scene. Their group gave Filipino rock music a truly unique sound that was loved by many Filipino music fans regardless of socio-economic status and age.

Iza Calzado is what you call a “triple threat:” can act, dance and sometimes sing. She is part of ABS-CBN‟s impressive roster of talents and is a co-host of ABS-CBN‟s hugely popular Sunday noontime show ASAP.

Chico and Delarmar were the event hosts, I love their radio show!!

All of my guesses (based on the silhouettes) were wrong but when the hosts started giving clues I got them all right! I know some of you are probably wondering why Uniqlo have local endorsers. I read a lot of comments regarding this on their Facebook page. I found this one really rude: “getting local endorsers cheapened the brand”. I find it annoying how some people develop this delusional sense of elitism when they buy imported goods. How pathetic and also, ironic because Uniqlo is known for their casual clothing that’s marketed to all types of people and not just for the upper class.

the Cast posing for a group photo

So anyway, here’s the reason why they got local endorsers… Uniqlo’s brand philosophy is “Made for All” and their company’s vision is to provide casual clothing that is made for all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or any other ways that define an individual. For them, the Uniqlo Cast plays a vital role in creating a bridge between the brand and us, Filipinos. As for me, I think the cast they picked is just right for their campaign.

with Mr. Katsumi Kubota, chief operating officer of Fast Retailing Philippines

My boyfriend told me a few days ago that he saw a bus with a huge Uniqlo ad plastered all over it. It seems like they’re really getting people hyped up before the grand opening on June 15. I left right after the press launch ended because I didn’t have our driver with me and it’s scary to commute alone late at night. But I managed to gather some info I may have missed (thank you google! haha).

group photo before we leave

The average price range of shirts is P790, jeans, bra top and polo shirts cost P990 but there will be huge discounts on June 15 to 21 so you can buy them for P590 only! Plus, they will be giving away free tote bags to shoppers with a minimum Php 2k single receipt purchase and to the first 500 customers daily from June 15 to 17. Mochi ice cream by Mochiko will also be served to the first 500 Uniqlo customers on their opening day!

my name’s misspelled ;_;

Thank you Uniqlo Philippines for inviting me! :) Don’t forget to drop by Uniqlo’s flagship store here in the Philippines at the 2nd floor of the Main Building in SM Mall of Asia on June 15! For updates, visit their website http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/uniqlo.ph.

credits: Raiza Poquiz & Uniqlo Philippines for some of the photos

(Source: hurricanekitty)


hype Cranberry on Lookbook.nu

necklace sponsored by FashionTrends Collections

thrifted top, shorts gift

Gold Dot shoes

I’m already at that point of no return and it’s about time I acknowledge that fact. Even if it’s hard to keep moving forward because there are things from the past that are weighing me down; things that I just can’t simply discard. Things I’m not proud of that even mere mention of them makes me feel awfully uneasy. I even wish sometimes that the next morning when I wake up I’ll be able to turn back time somehow… silly isn’t it? Certain things are irreversible and this is one of them. No other way but forward… I need to keep that in mind even when I get discouraged. It can’t swallow me whole, I won’t allow it.

photos by Eena Macaspac | hype Cranberry on Lookbook.nu

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Beat the heat with Uniqlo

It’s official! :) Uniqlo’s first store in the Philippines is set to open on June 15 this year at SM Mall of Asia. To those who are living under a rock, Uniqlo is Japan’s leading casual wear clothing retail chain with more than 1,000 stores worldwide, namely in the U.S., U.K. France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea.

Honestly, I’ve only recently heard of Uniqlo, because: a. I’ve never been out of the country, b. I’m not very brand conscious and c. I live under a rock. I found out about the brand a few months ago when I read the Japanese novel, Densha Otoko (Train Man) by Hitori Nakano wherein they mentioned Uniqlo. I’m still quite surprised that they are finally opening a flagship store in Manila and that I got first dibs because they sent me these two cute and super comfy shirts! :D

Some of you might find it unusual that I’m just wearing shirt & shorts in this post since I usually post photos of me sporting dressier outfits. But that doesn’t mean that I never wear casual clothing. In fact, shirts and shorts were my uniform this summer because I couldn’t stand the heat! Especially, last month when the weather was at its warmest. I just wanted to wear something that’s light and comfortable to keep me cool. And these shirts did a great job! I also loved the girly design and stretchy fabric. I can’t wait for June 15! I’ll definitely shop for shirts, jeans, leggings and polos at Uniqlo. Will I see you there? ;)

LIKE UNIQLO Philippines on Facebook for more exciting announcements.
photos by Grace de Luna, edited by me

(Source: hurricanekitty)

Do you still remember my collaboration with Anagon Collection last July 2011? I posted photos from the shoot several months ago but I haven’t uploaded these beautiful behind the scenes snap shots taken by Chai. This collaboration is my first styling stint. It was my first time to pull out stocks from stores, thank you Trunk Show and Asian Vogue! It was also the first time I got to meet fellow personal style bloggers: Ana, Kisty, Jessa and Dianne who were all very warm. :)

Browsing through my back logs is making me a bit nostalgic. A lot has changed in these past few months and I must admit, I look quite older now.

Too Early for Halloween

hype Too Early for Halloween on Lookbook.nu

black sheer top & chain headpiece, no brand
thrifted orange skirt, boots, online

You probably won’t believe that what I’m wearing here from head to knee costs around 250php only, combined. I wouldn’t dare wear black + boots right now though. These photos were taken last month when the weather wasn’t too warm yet. Last week, the average temperature in Metro Manila was 26°C to 35°C. It’s less than 3 weeks before my classes will start so I’m really glad that the weather has started to cool off a bit. Shorts, tank tops and open toe sandals are against our campus dress code and I commute everyday to school so it’d really be annoying to put up with the scorching heat under those circumstances.

So far, my summer this year has been the same as all of my summers for the past 10 years - uneventful. And now that I’ve really thought about it, I actually prefer it that way. I mean if I really wanted to travel and go to new places, I’ll exert effort to do so right? I could have saved up my allowance for an out of town trip or I could’ve had my passport arranged earlier rather than being situationally forced by my parents specifically, my mom.

Maybe the sudden wanderlust I had a few months ago was a “the grass is greener on the other side” thing. Seeing those beautiful travel photos and reading wonderful stories by bloggers I follow did affect me; it gave me a feeling that I’m missing something. But the genuine desire that lasts long isn’t there. I still prefer staying in… what can I do? I’m a hermit! haha :) but I’m not rejecting the whole idea of travelling but it’d be a disappointment if I pursued it half-heartedly.

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype Too Early for Halloween on Lookbook.nu

I’m finally catching up on my backlogs! :) Expect a lot of blast from the past entries this week. I might even post a 9 month old backlog; better late than never. Anyway, here are some of the photos from the fun shoot we did last January which I mentioned here before. It was my first time to meet Adly, Tina, Kayra and Gian but working with them was a breeze. Big thanks to Luisa for the beautiful photos and to Chai for BTS. Let me know if anyone wants to collaborate this summer, I’m just an email away. ;)

PS. Luisa’s selling a lot of her kick ass shoes here which I’d love to buy but I’m broke since it’s summer vacation and my feet is smaller than hers. :(

Two-Tone Ombré

hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu

black bustier & shorts bought online, accessories from tiangge, Gold Dot shoes

Surprise! I got my hair ombré’d ;) well, it isn’t really a surprise because I mentioned it in my blog before and I had it done 2 months ago courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. But since this is the first time I posted a photo of my “new” hair color in my blog, it might be a surprise to some of you.

My outfit was inspired by my new hairdo, these studded two-tone ombré shorts complement my ombré hair and it’s also a summer staple (+points). Speaking of summer, mine has been incredibly uneventful. I’m at home almost everyday, just wasting away. Do you know those Expectations vs Reality posts? Well, they’re totally appropriate in my life right now. I mean this is the last summer of my teenage years (I’m turning 20 on December!! *le gasp*) and here I am watching movies after movies, eating cups of ice cream and having a staring contest with the computer screen instead of swimming at the beach, half drunk while wearing a bikini and showing off what my momma gave me in all its worldly glory (as if).

Anyway, I’ll spill more details on my next post. Yes! There will be a separate post just for my hair. How vain right? haha. But I hope I’d be able to provide first-hand information for people who’d like to have the same treatment done. I’m leaving my Ask box open for ombré related questions and I’ll try to answer all of them in my next post. Ask away!

photos by Jash Manuel | hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu

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