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PLDT HOME Bro Ultera

I was invited to the press launch of PLDT HOME Bro Ultera last April 30 at SMX.

PLDT HOME Bro Ultera is the Philippines’ first foray in TD-LTE technology, an innovation that uses a dedicated network with an allocated bandwidth, apart from one used by mobile phones or pocket Wifi modems. It delivers speeds that are 21x faster than Canopy and 6x faster than WiMax.

Ultera is available for customers requiring high-speed connectivity, but are unable to have access via hard-wired networks. PLDT HOME Bro Ultera also has the capacity to run PLDT HOME TVolution, a power ful Android device that turns an ordinary TV into Internet TV.

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hype Wallflower on Lookbook.nu

Sponsors: necklace from Emblaze Manila, skirt from Cruella & Co


floral bustier and shoes bought online

I might as well post this now; better late than never. This outfit is what I wore to Cotton On’s VIP launch last September at SM Mall of Asia. The bustier’s right side bone sticks out awkwardly at times (case in point: photo #4) but I love the floral print too much to give it away.

The rest of my months passed in a blur, I’m not posting as much as before even in my other accounts. But since it’s Christmas break I’m gonna try to get my blog back on track. I generally feel elated during these -ber months, not just because it’s the holiday season but because of several occasions such as my boyfriend’s twentieth birthday last September, mine on December 23 and our anniversary (fifth! hee) last November 14.

I still can’t believe I’m a few days shy of turning twenty. I’m certainly not one of the most mature and responsible people in my age group but I’ll try to be one. Gotta include that in my New Year’s resolutions along with a new hair color.

My heart goes out to the Connecticut school shooting and typhoon Pablo victims and their families.

photos by Monique Tendencia | hype Wallflower on Lookbook.nu

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Once in a Blue Moon

hype Once in a Blue Moon on Lookbook.nu

Necklace sponsored by Ministry of Retail

Three weeks of absence! I only blog once in a blue moon… I tried not to (last month), but pre-finals schoolwork is enough to get my schedule all haywire because I suck at time management and I bask in the everyday moments of mindless munching and clicking.

This outfit is what I wore to a photo shoot for Nestle Crunch Ice Cream last August 5. The bloggers they chose for the online campaign were required to wear blue since it’s the brand’s color. I wasn’t too happy when I read that part (although, I was generally happy and thrilled. Hello? It’s for Nestle; a big brand + I get free ice cream! What ice cream/Crunch chocolate loving girl wouldn’t like that?) since blue is a color that I rarely wear and personally don’t favor in clothing (denim material, shoes and bags are excluded).

Mint scallop top, no brand, Floral blazer, thrift store, Bangles, gift from a reader (Camille Q.)

I look ugly in blue specifically, royal blue. It makes my complexion appear dull and the color wears me (is this term even applicable to colors? haha) and not the other way around. Navy blue and mint blue are the only shades of blue that I like and unfortunately it’s not the shade of Nestle. But being the badass that I am (insert meme here) I overlooked that fact and convinced myself, while picking out what to wear the night before, that they didn’t exactly say which shade of blue anyway.

I don’t have copies of my photos yet since I wasn’t able to attend the launch but they’ll post it on Facebook soon. Honestly, I was surprised fashion bloggers were part of the campaign since it’s for a food brand; food bloggers are expected. Perhaps they kept variety in mind… anyhow, it was a fun experience.

peplum shorts, sunglasses, and shoes, bought online

Speaking of food bloggers, I remember this one time when a food blogger I met during an event asked me, out of curiosity, if being a fashion or personal style blogger puts a strain on the budget. She had the impression that style bloggers shop for new clothes for each new post. I told her it’s the opposite, we blog because we shop, not the other way around. I think it’s ridiculous to buy something (whether it be clothes, make-up, gadgets or food) mainly for the purpose of blogging about it. Sadly, I know a handful of bloggers who do this. Maybe I’m just nitpicking but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks it’s silly. Thoughts? :)

photos by Monique Tendencia | hype Once in a Blue Moon on Lookbook.nu

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The Secret Garden

hype The Secret Garden on Lookbook.nu

I received the invitation to Benchingko Films premiere night two days before the event and the dress code was “red carpet ready” very intimidating. I was quite unprepared; I had no time to shop due to my classes and errands for the week.

Fortunately while I was rummaging through my closet, I spotted this lovely dress sent to me by Ministry of Retail. I put my hair up and paired the dress with conservative pieces: black heels, black purse and accessories in the same color. I figured that the back detail, which I fell in love with, is enough to do the talking since it appears so striking in such a prim and proper looking attire.

I decided to name this look “The Secret Garden” because of the braided circle appliqués (that resemble roses) lining the neckline all the way to the back (which is where the “secret” begins… chos!).

Dress sponsored by Ministry of Retail

Actually, this is the third time that I named a look in my Lookbook after a book (tongue twister! haha). I read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett when I was younger. I didn’t like it as much as I liked the author’s other novel, A Little Princess (commonly known as “Princess Sara” here in the PH).

Purse, thrifted, accessories, no brand

I enjoyed watching the tagalized anime version and also the local movie adaptation back in the 90’s, featuring Camille Pratts as Sara and Angelica Panganiban as Becky. So imagine my delight later on when I found out that these shows were derived from a novel. It’s a bit embarrassing though because I only got the chance to read it when I was already in high school… pretty late considering that it’s a book for children.

Shoes, University Mall

I hope I don’t seem pretentious for naming some of my outfits with book titles. A look’s name is required in the website and sometimes I run out of ideas so I use book titles, song lyrics and even names of food (how creative -_-).

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype The Secret Garden on Lookbook.nu

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Hurricane Kitty x Clothepedia

Here’s my favorite outfit from the paid collaboration I recently did with online clothing line, Clothepedia. I styled and modeled for their third and fourth collection. The former one is edgy while the latter is corporate chic which shows how the brand faithfully sticks to its flexible identity.

The set-up was easy since Moe and I just took photos as we normally do for my outfit posts except this time, I had to change outfits seven times (whew!). Unfortunately, it started raining midway through the photo shoot so we had to relocate to a roofed area (still inside CSB). We actually managed to finish eight sets in less than two hours despite the uncooperative weather. After the shoot, I headed to class and Moe hurried to get to her Maybelline shoot on time. I’m still surprised we managed to pull it off! :)

Model & styling: me
Clothes by: Clothepedia
Photography: Moe Tendencia

CLOTHEPEDIA offers a variety of designs that caters to every teenager and young adult’s tastes. From a classic to edgy look or brand new to vintage. The clothing line is owned by 20 year old Jenica Magalong, commonly known as “Ica”, a Marketing Management alumna from Adamson University. The brand assures that every item is in its best value. It aspires in bringing the best look a girl could ever have through its unique designs. Clothepedia is not your ordinary online shop. It lets ladies define their own style.

visit www.facebook.com/officialclothepedia for more details

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Azta Urban Salon: Ombré Hair

Last February, Ana (one of the friendliest bloggers I know) asked me through text if I wanted to have my hair ombre’d courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. Of course I said yes, because:

• It’s free of charge (no-brainer),
• I’ve heard of ombre hair last year and I was stuck in the should-I-go-for-it-or-not stage with the whole idea and lastly,
• I was bored with my hair and wanted to try something new!

So, I took the text message as a sign to go for it and scheduled an appointment right away. When I got to the salon, I noticed that my phone was missing. :( I rarely lose things when commuting and I’ve never been held-up despite riding the LRT, jeep and also, walking the streets alone almost everyday. Good thing, the people at Azta were so nice and attentive that they let me use their phone and laptop so I could tell my boyfriend where to meet me. They also asked me if I wanted a drink (milktea or coffee?) or if I needed any more help. I felt like a princess… chos! hahaha :)

After all the fuss over my lost cellphone, we got started with the procedure: reading a magazine while dye is being applied after they shampooed and blow-dried my hair

bleaching time for my highlights

and we’re done!

Here’s a before and after photo (the stylist also curled my hair temporarily): The whole treatment took 3-4 hours since my hair is pretty long. But the tedious process is worth it! I’ve no regrets, it’s been four months now and I still love how it looks! :)

Since some of you guys have questions regarding this, I compiled them here for reference:

What is ombre exactly? Ombre is a French word that literally means “shaded”; think gradient color, like you’d see on a swatch of fabric or skein of yarn. It’s a hair coloring technique where the color is darker at the roots, then fades into lighter and brighter tones at the mid-shaft and ends. Ombre is a hot trend in hair color this year - and with good reason! Folks are loving this fresh and unique look! A little beachy and casual. And an extremely flattering way to “go lighter”. - Azta Urban Salon

What colors are your ombre? Black, brown and blonde with highlights on top.

Where is Azta located? Azta has branches in Katipunan Avenue, Robinsons Metroeast, Eastwood City, Alabang Town Center, Robinsons Pioneer and Tomas Morato. I chose the one in SM San Lazaro because it’s the one nearest to my place.

How much did it cost you? The treatment was sponsored but if it wasn’t it would probably cost me between 2,500-4,500php. Here’s a copy of their price list:

I hope this helps, if you have any questions just leave it in my ask box. :) What are you waiting for? Consult your azta stylist and find out what ombre look fits you!

Visit Azta Urban Salon on Facebook for more info.

Review: Puffy 3 Tones in Grey from Uniqso

I wear contact lenses on a daily basis since I have poor eyesight and honestly, it can be quite costly in the long run. One pair usually costs me around 300-500php and I buy a new one every month or two. And sometimes, I still misplace and accidentally damage them despite being a contact lens user for more than two years now.

So I was really glad when Uniqso sent me a lovely pair of Puffy 3 Tones Grey (-2.00) circle lenses last month for free! :) I’m still quite unfamiliar with circle lenses, hence browsing Uniqso’s wide array of products is enough to overwhelm me. I asked the shop owner to cite her bestsellers so I can narrow down my choices and as it turns out, Puffy 3 Tones is one of them. I picked grey because it’s the most flattering eye color for me. :)

Here’s how I look without and with lenses (no flash):
hagardo versoza! I just came home from school

I had a trying time when I used this pair for the first time because it’s bigger than the ones I normally use. But just after a few days of wearing it, I got used to the size and it didn’t feel very uncomfortable anymore. The color is more vivid than I had expected and looks more of a light blue rather than grey especially in photos. It also looks very unnatural on me when I’m not wearing any eye make-up since I’m Asian but it will definitely look gorgeous with thickly lined eyes. I prefer to wear something more casual looking on a daily basis and save this for a night event.

A close up shot (if you look closely, you can see my hands holding the camera haha!):
Item Details - Price: $17.90 Weight: 100 grams Manufacturer: Dolly Eye (EOS) Diameter: 14.8mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.6 Replacement Period: within 12 months Available Power: 0 to -10.00

Puffy 3 tones is available in other colors: blue, brown, green, pink and violet. If you want to order, you can avail 10% discount using this code: MJ10. :)

Disclaimer: Items for review are sponsored but the opinions of the author are not. Author will not be held responsible for any damages of any sort resulting from use of this review.

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Independence Day

hype Independence Day on Lookbook.nu

sponsors: bag from Shoppe Unli, shorts from Sam’s Station, top & ring from Stylista Inc.

this ring reminds me of Sailormoon and Akazukin Chacha haha!

yellow flats, University Mall

Commemorating Independence day in my own little way by wearing our flag’s colors.

Last June 12 was also my little sister’s 13th birthday. She’s a high school student now! And yes, I’m saying this in disbelief. She used to be so tiny and I can’t believe her age now is just a stone’s throw away from the age I had my first boyfriend. I was only fourteen and Kev was fifteen when we started our relationship. Now I understand why my dad reacted that way when he found out; I was so young and immature! It’s really a surprise that we’re still together and what a cute coincidence that I’m writing this post now since it was our 55th month last Thursday. Even though we only celebrate anniversaries now, I still keep track and greet him. Wish us more monthsaries to come? :)

photos by Moe Tendencia | hype Independence Day on Lookbook.nu

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Mailtime: Accessories & Beauty Products

Here are several gifts I received from brands recently including a few old ones. I haven’t blogged about them yet because of my tight schedule but expect some of them to be included in my future outfit posts and product reviews! :)

Floral headpieces from Sugar Kissed

Make-up from Maybelline

Contact lens from Uniqso

Accessories from Quirkypedia and Trendphile

Skin care products from Diana Stalder

Accessories from Maris Unique Pieces and Tindahan ni Cheeseka

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Promo: Accessorize Payday Specials

Enjoy a summer of shopping with Accessorize!

Calling all fans of gorgeous accessories: the best of summer is yet to come!

We’re celebrating style, we’re celebrating the summer sun and most of all we’re celebrating you and your fabulous, hardworking selves.

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hype Cranberry on Lookbook.nu

necklace sponsored by FashionTrends Collections

thrifted top, shorts gift

Gold Dot shoes

I’m already at that point of no return and it’s about time I acknowledge that fact. Even if it’s hard to keep moving forward because there are things from the past that are weighing me down; things that I just can’t simply discard. Things I’m not proud of that even mere mention of them makes me feel awfully uneasy. I even wish sometimes that the next morning when I wake up I’ll be able to turn back time somehow… silly isn’t it? Certain things are irreversible and this is one of them. No other way but forward… I need to keep that in mind even when I get discouraged. It can’t swallow me whole, I won’t allow it.

photos by Eena Macaspac | hype Cranberry on Lookbook.nu

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Bo’s Coffee Bloggers Event

Last April 20, I attended a bloggers event by Bo’s Coffee at SM North. The staff served us a super sweet combo! A slice of yummy moist chocolate cake with their featured drink this summer, Amaretto Biscotti. It’s blended coffee with biscotti and Amaretto syrup topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and crushed biscotti sprinkles! :D I also got to try out their rail mix of fruits and nuts which was a gift including, Bo’s coffee’s new brown mug which retails for 265php.

I still remember the first time I visited one of Bo’s Coffee’s branches. I was with my boyfriend at SM Mall of Asia and it was my 17th birthday. We were looking for a place where we can talk and just chill because there were a lot of people in the mall since it was almost Christmas time (my birthday falls on December 23). I was about to give up after seeing most establishments were jam-packed but tada! I somehow spotted a cozy looking coffee shop which turned out to be Bo’s coffee.

Read on to know more about this local coffee shop!
“It all started with a bean bursting with the life-force of personal passion and entrepreneurial energy. In 1994, Mr. Steve D. Benitez, President and CEO of Bo’s Coffee, dreamt of sharing his coffee experience in the United States and Europe to the local market. June 28, 1996 saw the opening of the first store of Bo’s Coffee at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines. It has since grown branching out into major urban areas of the Philippines.

Bo’s Coffee now operates 58 outlets strategically located in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Iloilo, Bohol, Tacloban, Tagaytay, Samar and Zamboanga. Bo’s Coffee is known for “just-roasted freshness”—its beans, mostly from Cordillera and Bukidnon, are delivered to its stores soon after roasting so that you can enjoy the distinctively bold, roasted flavour of Bo’s.” - http://www.boscoffee.com/

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Beat the heat with Uniqlo

It’s official! :) Uniqlo’s first store in the Philippines is set to open on June 15 this year at SM Mall of Asia. To those who are living under a rock, Uniqlo is Japan’s leading casual wear clothing retail chain with more than 1,000 stores worldwide, namely in the U.S., U.K. France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea.

Honestly, I’ve only recently heard of Uniqlo, because: a. I’ve never been out of the country, b. I’m not very brand conscious and c. I live under a rock. I found out about the brand a few months ago when I read the Japanese novel, Densha Otoko (Train Man) by Hitori Nakano wherein they mentioned Uniqlo. I’m still quite surprised that they are finally opening a flagship store in Manila and that I got first dibs because they sent me these two cute and super comfy shirts! :D

Some of you might find it unusual that I’m just wearing shirt & shorts in this post since I usually post photos of me sporting dressier outfits. But that doesn’t mean that I never wear casual clothing. In fact, shirts and shorts were my uniform this summer because I couldn’t stand the heat! Especially, last month when the weather was at its warmest. I just wanted to wear something that’s light and comfortable to keep me cool. And these shirts did a great job! I also loved the girly design and stretchy fabric. I can’t wait for June 15! I’ll definitely shop for shirts, jeans, leggings and polos at Uniqlo. Will I see you there? ;)

LIKE UNIQLO Philippines on Facebook for more exciting announcements.
photos by Grace de Luna, edited by me

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Two-Tone Ombré

hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu

black bustier & shorts bought online, accessories from tiangge, Gold Dot shoes

Surprise! I got my hair ombré’d ;) well, it isn’t really a surprise because I mentioned it in my blog before and I had it done 2 months ago courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. But since this is the first time I posted a photo of my “new” hair color in my blog, it might be a surprise to some of you.

My outfit was inspired by my new hairdo, these studded two-tone ombré shorts complement my ombré hair and it’s also a summer staple (+points). Speaking of summer, mine has been incredibly uneventful. I’m at home almost everyday, just wasting away. Do you know those Expectations vs Reality posts? Well, they’re totally appropriate in my life right now. I mean this is the last summer of my teenage years (I’m turning 20 on December!! *le gasp*) and here I am watching movies after movies, eating cups of ice cream and having a staring contest with the computer screen instead of swimming at the beach, half drunk while wearing a bikini and showing off what my momma gave me in all its worldly glory (as if).

Anyway, I’ll spill more details on my next post. Yes! There will be a separate post just for my hair. How vain right? haha. But I hope I’d be able to provide first-hand information for people who’d like to have the same treatment done. I’m leaving my Ask box open for ombré related questions and I’ll try to answer all of them in my next post. Ask away!

photos by Jash Manuel | hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu

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