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Review: Puffy 3 Tones in Grey from Uniqso

I wear contact lenses on a daily basis since I have poor eyesight and honestly, it can be quite costly in the long run. One pair usually costs me around 300-500php and I buy a new one every month or two. And sometimes, I still misplace and accidentally damage them despite being a contact lens user for more than two years now.

So I was really glad when Uniqso sent me a lovely pair of Puffy 3 Tones Grey (-2.00) circle lenses last month for free! :) I’m still quite unfamiliar with circle lenses, hence browsing Uniqso’s wide array of products is enough to overwhelm me. I asked the shop owner to cite her bestsellers so I can narrow down my choices and as it turns out, Puffy 3 Tones is one of them. I picked grey because it’s the most flattering eye color for me. :)

Here’s how I look without and with lenses (no flash):
hagardo versoza! I just came home from school

I had a trying time when I used this pair for the first time because it’s bigger than the ones I normally use. But just after a few days of wearing it, I got used to the size and it didn’t feel very uncomfortable anymore. The color is more vivid than I had expected and looks more of a light blue rather than grey especially in photos. It also looks very unnatural on me when I’m not wearing any eye make-up since I’m Asian but it will definitely look gorgeous with thickly lined eyes. I prefer to wear something more casual looking on a daily basis and save this for a night event.

A close up shot (if you look closely, you can see my hands holding the camera haha!):
Item Details - Price: $17.90 Weight: 100 grams Manufacturer: Dolly Eye (EOS) Diameter: 14.8mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.6 Replacement Period: within 12 months Available Power: 0 to -10.00

Puffy 3 tones is available in other colors: blue, brown, green, pink and violet. If you want to order, you can avail 10% discount using this code: MJ10. :)

Disclaimer: Items for review are sponsored but the opinions of the author are not. Author will not be held responsible for any damages of any sort resulting from use of this review.

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Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Flare

A few weeks ago I received a note from customs saying that I have a package waiting for me. It was my first time to go to my city’s post office and I already missed the deadline for claiming it but fortunately, the parcel was still there. After signing some stuff and paying the fee (just 40 php) they handed me the package. I ripped the tapes off, opened the box then tada! It’s my sponsored eye shadow palette from Sigma Beauty + a welcome note! :D

Being a Sigma Beauty affiliate, I was given the chance to choose which palette I’d like to have out of the three: Bare, Dare or Flare. I chose Flare because it has a more diverse array of shades compared to the other two and it’s a fun combination of warm and cool colors I can use day and night. The eye shadow palettes are available online for $35.00 (1,531.22 php). They ship worldwide but if you feel more comfortable buying locally, try googling online re-sellers who sell these for around 2k php a pop. You might think that it’s quite pricey but don’t forget that the palette already comes with a dual-ended brush which retails at about 800 php and makeup brushes are what Sigma Beauty is known for.

Brushes in this palette (dual-ended):

  • Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.

  • Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.

    Yay: beautiful packaging, a lot of product in the pan, greatly pigmented and easy to blend, top-quality brush and quite bigger than the usual ones I see on our local stores, neutral and daring palette color combination consisting of greens, purples and neutrals ♥

    Nay: still need to use primer underneath to avoid looking powdery when applied, larger than I expected; it has the same dimensions of a medium sized plastic pencil case. I have to get used to bringing it around with me since it’s quite bulky and I certainly won’t be able to bring this on night outs.

    Middle: Honestly, I’d think twice before purchasing this since I’m still a student and it costs more than half of my weekly allowance. Maybe if I already have a job or was able to save up, I’d buy this for myself. The best advice I received in buying make up is to invest in good ones even if they’re expensive rather than buy cheap ones that are low quality (not ALL cheap ones are but in cosmetics you usually get what you pay for), makes me breakout and I’ll just chuck out after a few uses. As for now, I’m just very happy to get this as a gift and for being an affiliate. :)

    And I’m sure you’ll be happy as well because I have a good news for you. :) I’ll be holding a giveaway sponsored by Sigma Beauty for my readers/followers. One brand new eye shadow palette will be up for grabs worldwide! I need your help picking which though so please comment Bare, Dare or Flare (click the links to see the palettes) on this post. Palette with the most answers will be given away. :D
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    Review: E.O. Fresh Lens in Gray

    I ditched my eyeglasses and started wearing contact lenses more than a year ago but I’ve always bought clear ones from my trusted optical shop Executive Optical (E.O.). Their lenses are priced way cheaper than usual ones! :) So, earlier this month I decided to try out their colored lenses because I’ve been getting kind of bored with clear ones plus, it’s a huge pain in the butt to look for them whenever I drop them accidentally. The reason why I never tried wearing colored ones is because I don’t want to look trying hard since I’m not exactly tisay and I’ve seen a lot of people who just end up looking funny wearing them (admit it, you see them too! ~*baby blue eyez*~ :P). But not trying new things won’t get you anywhere so what the heck, I bought my first pair.

    And here’s how I look with and without colored contacts. I chose E.O’s Fresh lens in Gray… why? Because of the movie and the novel Memoirs of a Geisha (which I both loved), I adore Sayuri’s eyes and all the drama behind it (ahh, you have too much water in your eyes just like your personality *dramatic instrumental background music*). And also because Fresh lens is the only one with the 3 month life span (which I prefer) hence being the cheapest. It only costs 390 php, pretty cheap for a pair of colored contacts right? They also make my eyes look bigger, I asked the sales assistant if they’re in the usual diameter she said yes, but when I got home I compared them with my clear ones and found out they’re indeed a bit bigger. Knew it! Hmm…

    And being the bigger lenses that they are, they were 10 times more uncomfortable. I knew then why the sales assistant explicitly said I can’t give them back once they’re used. I asked her why, she said because a lot of people tried returning those contacts to them saying they were uncomfortable. Well, you get what you pay for. Fortunately, I got used to them within the first day of wearing them. They feel like my normal, clear contacts now. So please, if it’s your first time to wear contact lenses do not buy this. It will be extremely painful for you.

    Lovely color! ♥ my friend said I look like a foreigner which was pretty weird since I look so azn! Hello, barely there eyelids + yellowish skin tone! (I’m half Chinese btw, in case you don’t notice… but of course I’m still more Pinay than Chinese at heart :> *waves the Philippine flag*). And oh a reminder, these gray ones sometimes look blue in photos (in photos only), it must be because of the reflection or something so for credibility’s sake here’s a confession: I edited the colors on Photoshop and made them look gray, hehe. If you want to see the un-edited one click here. Yes, I was wearing gray there and not blue!! D: Anyway, since I’m pretty okay now with wearing colored contacts, I might try a new color next month, any suggestions? :D

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    The Body Shop’s Big and Curvy Mascara

    About the Product:
    The advanced brush glides colour from root to tip and the advanced formula fix the curl for luscious lashes. A great complex of plant and wax ingredients that gives up to 9 times more volume and incredible curl.

    Price: 795 php | Size: 10 ml | Shelf life: 6 months

    Instructions: Apply from the root of the lash and draw slowly up using a zig zag movement.

    Because of that TBS incident I decided to try mascaras and see what the fuss is all about. I don’t use mascaras before, eyelash curlers were enough for me even though I have short, stick straight lashes because I really don’t give that much of a damn on eyelashes haha! But I do get a bit envious with girls (and some boys!! What the hell) who are genetically blessed with long, thick, curly lashes.

    So here are the pros and cons of The Body Shop’s latest mascara (and my very first own mascara!): Big and Curvy. It was released around May 2010 and I’ve been using it for more than a month now.


  • Nice packaging… IT’S PINK! (yes, that’s a pro)
  • It really elongates & thickens my lashes… one coat is already enough, too many coats and it makes me look like I’m wearing pretty falsies.
  • It’s not even waterproof but it doesn’t budge and super smudge-resistant. I did not experience any smudging and bleeding throughout the day.
  • The mascara wand is long and has short bristles which is a good thing (photo below)

  • It has a really strong chemical scent which I can still smell even after putting my make up on… the smell is actually quite addictive haha! Not suitable for those with sensitive noses though.
  • It dries fast… so that’s a con when you don’t know how to apply mascara properly because it’ll get clumpy.
  • It doesn’t really curve my eyelashes, I still need my handy dandy eyelash curler.

    If you have questions, formspring me :)

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  • Practicing my Consumer Rights

    I bought The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Blemish Night Lotion last Monday and I decided to return it just after a few days. It was my first time to actually return a product so I was pretty nervous but I really think I got duped big time so I won’t be taking whatever crap they will give me, no sir, I won’t. I even asked my boyfriend to accompany me because they might not take me seriously but he didn’t really do anything except to look threatening… which I asked him to do :)) he pretty much let me handle it all by myself *proud* I’m a big girl now lolz.

    Anyway, the reason why I wanted to return it, is the same reason why you’d plan a major revenge on a Regina George. In other words, the product in all its awfully nice packaging, good reviews and publicity is just a bottle full of crap. For a product that promises so much, it delivers so little, if it delivers at all. Here’s the thing, when I went to their shop (which I did out of this pure impulse shopping syndrome all girls have). I asked the sales assistant for a product that can fade my blemishes and dark spots, she recommended me their Tea Tree Blemish Night Lotion from their Tea Tree skin care line, one of their best sellers.

    I checked the bottle she gave me and I was puzzled because there were no ingredients listed. I asked her about it for like three times, I even asked her if it comes in a box and maybe the ingredients are listed there, she said it doesn’t have a box and that there is no list because the main ingredient is tea tree oil so I thought oh so this must be really pure and natural, nice! So I paid for my purchase, went out of the store 675 pesos poorer (it really costs 750, got it on a discount) but super excited to try out the product I just bought.

    not my photo

    Imagine my surprise and dismay a few days later when I found this minuscule “pull me” tag in the top corner of the bottle label. I pulled it off and saw this: 

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