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Azta Urban Salon: Ombré Hair

Last February, Ana (one of the friendliest bloggers I know) asked me through text if I wanted to have my hair ombre’d courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. Of course I said yes, because:

• It’s free of charge (no-brainer),
• I’ve heard of ombre hair last year and I was stuck in the should-I-go-for-it-or-not stage with the whole idea and lastly,
• I was bored with my hair and wanted to try something new!

So, I took the text message as a sign to go for it and scheduled an appointment right away. When I got to the salon, I noticed that my phone was missing. :( I rarely lose things when commuting and I’ve never been held-up despite riding the LRT, jeep and also, walking the streets alone almost everyday. Good thing, the people at Azta were so nice and attentive that they let me use their phone and laptop so I could tell my boyfriend where to meet me. They also asked me if I wanted a drink (milktea or coffee?) or if I needed any more help. I felt like a princess… chos! hahaha :)

After all the fuss over my lost cellphone, we got started with the procedure: reading a magazine while dye is being applied after they shampooed and blow-dried my hair

bleaching time for my highlights

and we’re done!

Here’s a before and after photo (the stylist also curled my hair temporarily): The whole treatment took 3-4 hours since my hair is pretty long. But the tedious process is worth it! I’ve no regrets, it’s been four months now and I still love how it looks! :)

Since some of you guys have questions regarding this, I compiled them here for reference:

What is ombre exactly? Ombre is a French word that literally means “shaded”; think gradient color, like you’d see on a swatch of fabric or skein of yarn. It’s a hair coloring technique where the color is darker at the roots, then fades into lighter and brighter tones at the mid-shaft and ends. Ombre is a hot trend in hair color this year - and with good reason! Folks are loving this fresh and unique look! A little beachy and casual. And an extremely flattering way to “go lighter”. - Azta Urban Salon

What colors are your ombre? Black, brown and blonde with highlights on top.

Where is Azta located? Azta has branches in Katipunan Avenue, Robinsons Metroeast, Eastwood City, Alabang Town Center, Robinsons Pioneer and Tomas Morato. I chose the one in SM San Lazaro because it’s the one nearest to my place.

How much did it cost you? The treatment was sponsored but if it wasn’t it would probably cost me between 2,500-4,500php. Here’s a copy of their price list:

I hope this helps, if you have any questions just leave it in my ask box. :) What are you waiting for? Consult your azta stylist and find out what ombre look fits you!

Visit Azta Urban Salon on Facebook for more info.

Two-Tone Ombré

hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu

black bustier & shorts bought online, accessories from tiangge, Gold Dot shoes

Surprise! I got my hair ombré’d ;) well, it isn’t really a surprise because I mentioned it in my blog before and I had it done 2 months ago courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. But since this is the first time I posted a photo of my “new” hair color in my blog, it might be a surprise to some of you.

My outfit was inspired by my new hairdo, these studded two-tone ombré shorts complement my ombré hair and it’s also a summer staple (+points). Speaking of summer, mine has been incredibly uneventful. I’m at home almost everyday, just wasting away. Do you know those Expectations vs Reality posts? Well, they’re totally appropriate in my life right now. I mean this is the last summer of my teenage years (I’m turning 20 on December!! *le gasp*) and here I am watching movies after movies, eating cups of ice cream and having a staring contest with the computer screen instead of swimming at the beach, half drunk while wearing a bikini and showing off what my momma gave me in all its worldly glory (as if).

Anyway, I’ll spill more details on my next post. Yes! There will be a separate post just for my hair. How vain right? haha. But I hope I’d be able to provide first-hand information for people who’d like to have the same treatment done. I’m leaving my Ask box open for ombré related questions and I’ll try to answer all of them in my next post. Ask away!

photos by Jash Manuel | hype Two-Tone Ombre on Lookbook.nu