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Champagne Supernova

I like big bags and I cannot lie. I can freely stuff my school things, umbrella, kikay paraphernalia etc. inside without any worries. My boyfriend even started calling my everyday bag, the “magic bag” like the one Mary Poppins has. But big bags can only do so much. I needed a medium sized bag that’s perfect for dates, casual lunches with friends, family dinners and the likes. Since almost all of my bags are extra large, I had no choice but to use them even if I’m only bringing a few stuff, hence giving me unnecessary weight to carry. But that was the case until the Accessorize event where they gave me this lovely, Birkin lookalike bag.

It’s so dainty no? I really love the soft pink hue. During the event when I picked this bag, Anne told me that it suits me really well. I was unconvinced at first because I’m a huge sucker for giant brown leather bags nga. It’s very unlikely for me to own a light colored bag and a medium at that. But after using it a few times, I realized that it was what’s missing on my bag selection. A dainty, medium sized bag that can be casual or formal.

Hype this look on Lookbook

For this look I decided to channel Abby out of the four new collections of Accessorize for Autumn/Winter 2011 because it’s the closest to my personal style. Abby is described as “an eclectic array of new and old, with inspiration drawn from vintage travel postcards, taxidermy, old script typography and antique collectables. Preppy heritage takes a stroll with bohemian grunge – think Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins. Clock faces, tapestry, patchwork and brocade all make for key element of this autumn look, as do semi-precious stone jewellery and elegant pearls. Dipped in animal prints and new camouflaged florals, Abby is eccentric and frivolously wild.”

I hope you like my look as much as I do! I was just a bit unsure with the shoes (it was a last minute choice) but I think I pulled it off and check out the surprise scallop skirt underneath. I got it at a tiangge for only 350php, pink midi skirt from a thrift store (less than 80php, le ukay-ukay wonders), I bought the floral bustier online, boots from my gran in Canada, and of course the bag is a gift from Accessorize.

We’re preparing for our finals week and I have tons of plates to do which explains the lack of updates but I’ll be back real soon loves. Thank you so much to Moe for taking time out from her busy schedule so we can shoot these gorgeous photos and also to Accessorize! Here’s a photo set I made featuring some of their beautiful bags. :)

Tokyo Cafe Bloggers Event

Tokyo Cafe is the only Japanese style family restaurant that offers Western dishes with that distinct Japanese touch and prides itself with genuine Japanese hospitality and service here in the Philippines. It boasts of its traditional, unique art of Japanese coffee preparation - the traditional Japanese drip method.

Last week I attended Tokyo Cafe’s bloggers event at SM Mall of Asia, their first branch. Their other branches are in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, McKinley Piazza, Fort Bonifacio Global City, NAIA 3 Terminal, and Robinsons Cybergate Plaza where they serve Tapsilog breakfast dishes (I’d love to try that soon!). This was only my third time to dine in Tokyo cafe, the first one was with my family and the second one was with friends for my 15th birthday (wow that seems like ages ago ;_;).

Our appetizer: Chicken and Cheese Roll - chicken fillet stuffed with mozarella cheese, rolled in bread crumbs, and deep fried to perfection (P260)

The venue for the event was changed at short notice, we were supposed to be in Megamall, where half of the bloggers were, but the shuttle service got caught up in heavy traffic so we just stayed in MOA. The friendly PR agent who was with us asked us to try Tokyo Cafe’s Japanese Fair and then we may order any meals we prefer! :) The six of us decided to share each meal so everyone will get to taste everything. The ones with the stars are my favorites!

Japanese Fair, our favorite rice toppings in a Ju-Box: Unaju - pan-fried eel fillets topped with caramelize soy sauce over rice (P393) my first time to eat eel!

Kalbi-Ju - thinly sliced beef smothered in original yakiniku sauce with side of fresh garden salad (P241)

Oyako-Ju - sliced chicken braised in signature tempura sauce with onions, and leeks mixed in egg on steamed white rice (P238)

Katsu-Ju - Deep fried breaded pork cutlet flavored with signature tempura sauce, onions, leeks and scrambled egg on steamed rice (P240) ★

Ten-Ju - deep fried shrimp tempura with signature tempura sauce on steamed rice (P238) ★

Other scrumptious meals Creamy Ebiko Pasta - shrimp, karashi ebiko, & cream pasta (P270) ★

Chicken in a Basket (7pcs - P420) - Japanese-style crispy fried chicken served with gravy

Hamburg & Shrimp - twice the goodness with this plateful of juicy burger patties & breaded black tiger prawns (P293) ★

Desserts and Drinks Milk Oreo Smoogee (P130) - crushed oreo cookies loaded in a milkshake

Matcha smoogee (P130) - Japanese green tea shake

New York Cheesecake (P145) - cheesy cake on a graham cracker crust

Tiramisu (P145) - an exquisite blend of coffee liquer in between layers of espresso soaked lady finger and mascarpone cheese I didn’t like this cake at all, it tasted bland and had an icy consistency, probably left frozen longer than it should be

Azuki Parfait (P118) - layers of sweet red azuki beans, vanilla & green tea ice cream topped with whipped cream

Caramel smoogee (P126) - a rich creamy mixture of caramel and espresso based

Banana hazelnut crepe (P125) - banana, hazelnut spread, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream drizzled with choco syrup

Iced Cocoa (P115) - rich cocoa topped with whipped cream

Tokyo Afogard (Ice cream in espresso) - three scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with fresh espresso (P117) ★ this is just heavenly *u*

Thank you so much Tokyo Cafe for the awesome food & service (I was so full I even had to loosen my shorts a little haha), and Richard Mamuyac of AM PR for inviting me! It’s always nice to meet new bloggers, they were all very friendly especially Ms. Dash. They didn’t make me feel left out even though I’m just a pseudo-food blogger. :) Don’t forget to visit Tokyo Cafe’s website and Facebook page for updates.

PS. Tokyo Cafe’s recent promo, Tokyo Thrift is perfect for those on a budget. At 100php you can enjoy a different meal each day that’s delicious and filling for a reasonable price. Planning a Christmas party? It doesn’t have to be too expensive nor does it have to be too tight. Celebrate your parties bento style this year. They are open for bulk orders (minimum of 24). Check out the official poster here and here for more info.

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Feather Hair Extensions

wearing Chocolate brown chubby feathers

WTF shop gave me these rad feather hair extensions a few weeks ago. Feathers have been the craze lately along with the increasing popularity of Neo-navajo trend. Almost every stylish girl I know owns at least one pair of feather accessory.

Monochrome, Chocolate Brown and Burnt Yellow

Thank you so much to Jai, owner of WTF Shop (we’re batch mates in CSB!). These are perfect for people who’d like to oomph up their hairstyles without having to damage their hair with harsh dyes. They come in different colors, go for hot pink if you’re daring! And are easy peasy to attach, you just need micro beads, extension hook and pliers/tweezers. Try searching in Youtube for tutorial vids, check this one out.

black micro beads and extension hook

I already wore Burnt Yellow during the Hang Ten Bloggers’ event and I’m thinking of giving away Monochrome on my next contest to one lucky reader! Btw, you can curl, iron and even wash these extensions just like your real hair. Visit the shop’s page or Tumblr to place your orders. 250php only for the Starter Pack which includes: 2 Chubby feathers, 3 Petite feathers, 1 extension hook and 5 micro beads.

What do you think? ;)

Photography: Drew Barabat
Clothes: Twins Closet
Make up, model & styling: Me :)

These are some of the photos from Twins Closet's catalog shoot I modeled for last month. The online store offers pretty dresses, corsets, bustiers and satchel bags to name a few since August this year. I'm a huge sucker for bustiers, they're very figure flattering and they make my non-existent curves magically appear.

Probably taking cue from the innerwear-as-outerwear trend, the items that were considered as lingerie during our lola’s time are modernized and made to appear dainty and decent to wear in public. Thank you so much to Cheribell, the shop owner, for sponsoring the brown bustier I wore during Accessorize launch. :)

Her products sell like hot cakes especially corsets and bustiers that come in different pretty prints such as leopard, floral, polka dots etc., tulip dresses in different solid colors and floral bustier dresses. You can shop online here or you can directly sms her at 09172527801 for orders. Currently looking forward to our shoot this month with Luisa! ♥

Accessorize All About Bags Launch

thrifted polo, Twins Closet brown bustier, bargain skirt & metallic flats. Accessorize bag and headband from our styling game.

Before October ended, Accessorize, the trendy London based accessories brand, invited bloggers to attend their All About Bags launch at Persia Grill, Skygarden. Despite my plans to watch PFW shows that day, I decided to go to their event instead since it’s nearer to my place.

All About Bags is a thanksgiving sale held by Accessorize to show appreciation to all its loyal Filipino fans for the past three years. Featuring the 4 enticing new collections to watch out for: Margot, a dash of ladylike 70s love, Phoenix, a cultural spin on the urban military look, Abby, a meeting of urban with vintage and Lily, an illustrative range of Japanesque inspired products. From October 31 to November 30, 2011, season collection bags including some new arrivals are at 50% off! And yes, the bags below are also included! :)

We had a fun styling game after the introduction. Bloggers were asked to take home any bag of their choice from that couch. Sounds awesome right? But there’s a catch…

you have to fend off more than 10 super eager girls! :))

After getting our bags, we were asked to style our outfits using gorgeous accessories from Accessorize (tongue twister much?).

Fashion and beauty bloggers unleashing their inner stylists. ;) It was quite a challenge because we didn’t have a mirror (some checked their reflections using a turned off laptop screen) and of course, the ever present time pressure.

Pretty accessories! I wish we were allowed to take them all home (a girl can dream). I really loved the bangles and scarves.

After styling our outfits, we hit the “runway”! :) Ana and Melai, our hosts for the event, first demonstrated their fierce catwalk strut then everyone followed.

Pretty bloggers with the Accessorize bags they bagged. I originally wanted to take the sequined Union Jack clutch but someone already got it first so I didn’t hesitate to grab this green bag (damn, these girls are fast!).

L-R: April, Danica, Angel, Ava, Giezelle, Sarah, Nicole, Marian, Lauren, Krista, Helga, Belle, Kira, Arnie, Julia | 2nd row: Me, Anne, Jessica, Des, Krissy

But I didn’t take it home as expected. I heard from someone that we can switch bags so I did! I took home a chic, light pink, Berkin look alike tote bag. Wait for my “About the Bag official entry” for a photo of it.

Dinner time! Kudos to Persia Grill for being so accommodating (they even let me charge my camera’s battery) and for the yummy food.

We were so full from the buffet food that we barely touched these chicken (duck?) legs and pita bread *regrets* (note to self: go back to Persia Grill).

After dinner, I left with my lovely table mates Anne and Jessica. They were nice enough to help me find my way to the bus stop. :) Thank you so much to Accessorize and Bloggers United especially Ana for inviting me. I had such an amazing time! :D

credits: Accessorize, Giezelle and Krista for some of the photos in this post

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Thank you so much to Janina Cinco of Cheapest Stuff for these gifts! :D I received a lovely beige loose cardigan and black lace skirt from her sometime ago. What I love about these items is that they are wardrobe staples; you can practically mix and match them with any piece. If you want to score chic thrifted stuff but are too busy to hunt for good finds at an ukay-ukay, head over to their shop!

On another note, last night, there were 2 guys who kept on staring at me while I was walking alone to Trinoma. I gave them a disgusted look but then they started saying "hi miss" and other bullcrap, from a distance. Having a vague feeling that I’m going the wrong way and after escaping my bridge ordeal (I’m afraid of crossing bridges, some sort of anxiety, no kidding) just a few minutes before. I wasn’t in the mood to put up with their crap (or anyone else’s for that matter) so I flipped them off.

I don’t usually do that even if some people badly deserve it. It’s a common experience for girls to be verbally harassed (in some degree) when they commute alone and most of us just ignore it. But a girl can only take so much especially if she was PMSing. I hoped they liked the pretty cocktail ring that was sitting on my middle finger because I did.

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PFW: Sony Cybershot presents Luxewear

Last Friday, I watched Luxewear show presented by Sony Cybershot for the Philippine Fashion Week at SMX. I came from school that day to pass my midterm project so I didn’t go all out fashyown. After school, I ditched my black tights and flats (wardrobe staples of a fashionista commuter like me!). Here’s what I wore:

thrifted dress

First collection to hit the runway was by Anthony Ramirez who showcased white, tulle figure-hugging dresses with colorful embroidering in pink, royal blue, and gold. (super want the dress on the left!)

Aztec Barba presented feminine cocktail dresses and gowns in a lilac and pink color motif. (least favorite collection, perhaps an older age group would appreciate it)

Delby Bragais intensified the show with funky, 40’s inspired ensemble of black and white with striking red accents. (like a boss!)

Julius Tarog’s collection consisted of daring necklines, cut-out waist details, and skillfully tailored blazers. (sexy without looking trashy)

Melvin Lachica showcased elegant garments made of jersey and satin in gold and black. (favorite color motif)

Nolie Viñeza presented classic zebra print, but with a surprising touch of local piña and abaca-like fabric. (loved the theme! It stood apart from the rest)

Pablo Cabahug incorporated angular dresses with free-flowing trains. (something I’d want to wear if I have a sexier figure haha)

Popoy Barba featured royal blue and deep purple dresses and gowns with jeweled belts and necklines. (didn’t like this so much either, maybe my mom would)

Roel Rosal playfully designed dresses with bold, graphic prints, fringes and capes. (I like the dress on the left, sorta “art meets fashion”)

Unfortunately, my camera went out of battery in the middle of the show :( so I wasn’t able to take photos of some of the collections by designers Roland Lirio, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Santi Obcena, Tina Daniac, and Yvonne Quisumbing. But they were equally breathtaking as the clothes above.

Details, details, details! :) Jeweled intense shoulder pads (fierce!), plunging neckline (love the pattern), dove nest headdress (Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice immediately came to mind), raw fish (kalerkey! :)) it’s real ha)

elegant trains

and of course, killer heels!

With my awesome PFW buddy, Moe (that’s her slr btw) :) this is the only show I watched this season because I was busy with my midterm plates. Congratulations to Sony Cybershot (I’m a Sony Cybershot camera user myself! Took the runway photos with my handy-dandy pink digicam), all the creative designers, make up artists, hairstylists, beautiful models and of course the super hardworking PFW interns (I heard how tough it was for you guys) for such a great show! :)

‘til next season! :)

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I know it’s been quite some time now since I’ve posted a drawing in my blog. Finally, I have a new one to show to you & it’s no other than Jesrhel Co a.k.a. Hurricanekitty! It’s a bit unpolished though ‘cause I rushed it. But I still hope you’ll all like it <3
Have a great week everyone!

*kilig* :) :) :)


I know it’s been quite some time now since I’ve posted a drawing in my blog.
Finally, I have a new one to show to you & it’s no other than Jesrhel Co a.k.a. Hurricanekitty!
It’s a bit unpolished though ‘cause I rushed it. But I still hope you’ll all like it <3

Have a great week everyone!

*kilig* :) :) :)

The Hang Ten Special Event

Last October 9, I attended Hang Ten’s first bloggers event with my blog reader and giveaway winner Rocel. Check out this cute photo of us!

wearing feather hair extension from WTF shop

We were asked to participate in a styling activity together with other blogger-reader pairs. Rocel and I chatted away happily during the event, turns out she’s the same age as me, studies Literature (my dream course!!) at PNU and both of our relationships with our respective boyfriends started on November 2007, mine’s on the 14th, and hers is on the 30th. :) Do visit her Tumblr blog!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to style our mannequin as bongga as we expected to because I arrived behind schedule due to the sudden downpour of rain which I couldn’t brave since I commute /wrist. :( The only mannequin left to us was a male one and God knows how unaware I am with men’s fashion.

I have Rocel to thank because she knew what she was doing with the mannequin. Having a clothing store as her family’s business, she was certainly an expert in knowing how to lift and twist the super heavy mannequin (with the help of Hang Ten’s macho *winkwink* staff) and where to tuck in and tuck out at the right places.

Despite time pressure all of us were able to finish styling each of our mannequins. Hang Ten’s creative director, Kyle de Leon picked the winners of the styling activity right after. Congratulations to bloggers Lissa Kahayon, David Guison Alyssa Lapid, Vern Enciso, and their readers for winning. And also to the winner of Hang Ten’s window display contest who was awarded during the event, The Irregulars, a group of students from PUP.

After the activity, they served us yummy food!

My tablemates, Rocel, Nicole, and her reader :) nice meeting you girls!

Thanks for the photos Nicole, hope to see you more at future events :>

With my fellow bloggers, Ana and Dianne :) photo grabbed from their blogs

Some of the mannequins styled photo grabbed from Rocel

Freebies from Hang Ten, yummy cupcake, comfy green shirt, The Lash Bar gift certificate + Rocel’s gift to me, a bangle and a pair of feather earrings. I didn’t expect to receive a gift from her ♥ she’s so sweet and sincere!! :)

Thank you so much Hang Ten and The List Group especially Ystacey for inviting me to this awesome event. By the way guys, don’t forget to check out Hang Ten’s BUY 2 TAKE 2 promo in all stores nationwide for their Anniversary SALE this October 5 to November 6, 2011. Happy shopping! :D

Freeway x Manansala Collection

Fashionalistic brand Freeway has successfully fused fashion and art once again with the sixth installment of the esteemed National Artist Collectors’ Series. This Holiday 2011 collection features the works of Vicente Manansala, National Artist for Visual Arts and renowned Philippine cubist painter and illustrator. The series which began in 2009 has featured several National Artists in the past years including Nick Joaquin, Ang Kiukok, Jose Garcia Villa, Ramon Valera and F. Sionil Jose.

Guests, media, and fellow bloggers, who attended the collection launch last October 18 witnessed the unveiling of the beautiful twenty-two piece collection consisting of classic and modern tailored dresses, woven shirt tops, sublimation print graphic tees and dresses, tote bags, watch and accessories incorporated with Manansala’s masterpieces such as Madonna of the Slums and Jeepneys. Get ready to satisfy your Freeway x Manansala craving because the collection officially hits the stores today!

Posted below are some of the photos I took during the fashion show, I wasn’t able to capture each piece but you can view the entire collection here. I’ll blog about the event soon ;) thank you so much Freeway for inviting me and congratulations for the very successful launch!

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Budding Wanderlust

18 years of living in a tropical country and never been to a beach. Well, except if you count that 6th grade field trip where we we stopped over at one but didn’t even do anything worthwhile such as swimming. Come to think of it, it’s awfully ridiculous. Who would go to a beach and not swim? Conservative nuns who run Catholic schools that’s who. It’s almost as ridiculous as the first sentence on this post.

time to put these bikinis to good use!

Here’s another thing: I don’t have a passport. It didn’t really matter to me before but when I started having foreigners, kids who grew up in different countries and of course kids who have jet setters for parents as classmates in college I realized how having one is almost mandatory. When I tell them I don’t have a passport yet and never been out of the country, I get reactions like I just told them I don’t have a birth certificate or worse, that I eat roasted penguins for lunch. Okay, okay… I’m exaggerating.

H&M floral clip, mom’s pasalubong from their Hong Kong trip

I mentioned in my blog before that I was going to make a teenage bucket list (things I need/want/have to do before I turn into a wrinkly, responsibility-ridden adult) on my 19th birthday this December and this is definitely going to be a part of it. I just hope my sister keeps her word on that Boracay trip this summer. And yes mom, I’m going to arrange a passport already.

What bothered me was my lack of wanderlust (n. a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.) I’m so tigang (in the wanderlust sense *ahem*), I’m the most poorly travelled person I know. Maybe I have my motion sickness; the car rides tainted by awful memories of throwing up from my childhood, my family who rarely take out of town/country trips except for my dad who goes to Taiwan for business matters or perhaps, my ol’ introvert boring self and the books I read that took me to places by words to blame. But it has finally come, the desire to travel. I want to see more of the world. :)

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(CLOSED) Fashion Gives Back 50 tickets giveaway

A fashion show, bazaar and charity event

First 50 followers to add Code Limited & reblog this with their complete name will get free entrance to the event! Giveaway ends tomorrow Oct. 12 at 10 pm, I’ll submit the guest list right after. :)

This giveaway already ended here are the ones who made it to the guest list:
Amanda Joyce Paredes, Angel Tolentino, Anna Rosales, Arianne Tolentino, Chelsea F. Elvina, Ciara Bitonga, Cielo bitonga, Crisselle Punzal, Isabel L. Quinones, Jennyvieve Briones, Lorraine Barut, Maranatha Hope San Pedro, Marian Francisco, Marie Angelica L. Rivera, Merceline L. Carrasco, Nadine Felice Co, Paula Sabrine C. Janer, Regine Salumbre, Shane Sangalang, Sheryl Lhei Cruz

Please don’t forget to mention my blog name at registration so you can gain access to the event, thanks for joining! :)

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&#8220;She captured words in a dream, like delicately catching hold of a butterfly&#8217;s wings as it flutters around. Artists are those who can evade the verbose.&#8221; - Kafka on the Shore

Model: me
Photo: Chai Mungcal

She captured words in a dream, like delicately catching hold of a butterfly’s wings as it flutters around. Artists are those who can evade the verbose.” - Kafka on the Shore

Model: me
Photo: Chai Mungcal

(CLOSED) The Hang Ten Special Event Giveaway

This giveaway already ended, thank you to everyone who joined! The winner is Rocel Angela Reynon, here’s her answer:

Celcel answered: Hi Ms. Je! I am Rocel, an 18 year old education student from PNU. I want to join with you in this event because I want to experience dressing someone with fashionable clothes and accessories and I know it will be great because its HANG TEN. I’m a young fashionista just like you and I am always inspired by your outfit posts.I go to thrift shops to look for the coolest and fashionable outfits.

Fashion has been my stress reliever. I love styling and mix matching. And also, we have a small fashion shop. I’m sure I would learn a lot on how can I make our displays more attractive to our buyers.I always read back your blog and I am happy that you have this kind of give away because for me, as one of the teenagers that you are inspiring, it will really be a great experience if I could meet you personally in this very special event.

Also, i just had my grand demonstration teaching and it was successful. I think this will be the greatest reward for myself that I will receive if I will be chosen to be with a great fashionista like you, Ms. Je. Thank you! Keep on inspiring young fashionista like me…You’re indeed a person with a BIG heart who wants to make everything SPECIAL and EXTRAORDINARY!

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Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Flare

A few weeks ago I received a note from customs saying that I have a package waiting for me. It was my first time to go to my city’s post office and I already missed the deadline for claiming it but fortunately, the parcel was still there. After signing some stuff and paying the fee (just 40 php) they handed me the package. I ripped the tapes off, opened the box then tada! It’s my sponsored eye shadow palette from Sigma Beauty + a welcome note! :D

Being a Sigma Beauty affiliate, I was given the chance to choose which palette I’d like to have out of the three: Bare, Dare or Flare. I chose Flare because it has a more diverse array of shades compared to the other two and it’s a fun combination of warm and cool colors I can use day and night. The eye shadow palettes are available online for $35.00 (1,531.22 php). They ship worldwide but if you feel more comfortable buying locally, try googling online re-sellers who sell these for around 2k php a pop. You might think that it’s quite pricey but don’t forget that the palette already comes with a dual-ended brush which retails at about 800 php and makeup brushes are what Sigma Beauty is known for.

Brushes in this palette (dual-ended):

  • Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.

  • Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.

    Yay: beautiful packaging, a lot of product in the pan, greatly pigmented and easy to blend, top-quality brush and quite bigger than the usual ones I see on our local stores, neutral and daring palette color combination consisting of greens, purples and neutrals ♥

    Nay: still need to use primer underneath to avoid looking powdery when applied, larger than I expected; it has the same dimensions of a medium sized plastic pencil case. I have to get used to bringing it around with me since it’s quite bulky and I certainly won’t be able to bring this on night outs.

    Middle: Honestly, I’d think twice before purchasing this since I’m still a student and it costs more than half of my weekly allowance. Maybe if I already have a job or was able to save up, I’d buy this for myself. The best advice I received in buying make up is to invest in good ones even if they’re expensive rather than buy cheap ones that are low quality (not ALL cheap ones are but in cosmetics you usually get what you pay for), makes me breakout and I’ll just chuck out after a few uses. As for now, I’m just very happy to get this as a gift and for being an affiliate. :)

    And I’m sure you’ll be happy as well because I have a good news for you. :) I’ll be holding a giveaway sponsored by Sigma Beauty for my readers/followers. One brand new eye shadow palette will be up for grabs worldwide! I need your help picking which though so please comment Bare, Dare or Flare (click the links to see the palettes) on this post. Palette with the most answers will be given away. :D
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